New Habits & Change Management

Anne-Sophie Bernhard


I am a designer, design thinker and animator; with a passion to help, guide and grow businesses and their people, by implementing turn-key strategies, delivered in a unique way, to create new habits to drive significant change in behaviour, critical thinking and culture.

I can help you with

identifying, addressing and implementing areas in an organisation that require change of habit, designing & developing change strategy, supervising & coaching employees and teams, providing habit change tools, guiding businesses through their change process, culture and environments


I was born in Perigueux, France and lived in several countries and learned the value of cultural diversity namely France, Spain, Austin Texas and Austria. 

I received my Bachelor of Arts, in Media and Communication Design with a focus on Animation from the Macromedia Hochschule in Munich and joined the prestigious Master’s Program in Design Management at the Macromedia Hochschule in Munich. 

I worked in several companies as part of my studies; including the renowned HYVE, Haus der Innovation, across various design thinking and creative design roles, with exposure to complex structures, processes and cultural challenges.

I am the Co-Founder of NEW HABIT, a unique start-up focusing on implementing long lasting change in companies through identifying, addressing initiating habits, and in doing so galvanise an organisation and its people around a larger scale growth agenda.

YEars of Experience



Munich, Germany

Countries worked IN

Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy


Design, Media, Film



Consultation per Hr

AU$ 150/hr
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