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Carolyne Wildman

Carolyne Wildman


If you need advice, support or direction in navigating through the creation of a marketing strategy and tactical plan for a steady course to your intended destination, or fresh strategic thinking in getting to the heart of a marketing problem and generating solutions to your business issues, I can help you.

I can help you with

Creating the ideal customer experience, Mapping out clear and actionable marketing strategies, root-cause business & customer issues, Smart adaptability to change, embrace constant experimentation with bleeding-edge sales and marketing vehicles, awareness of generational thinking & behaviour shifts, Hard-wire your leadership teams for customer curiosity


Before starting Rhumb Line Marketing Strategy Consulting, my previous roles included Head of Marketing for a global digital commerce agency, where I immersed myself in bleeding-edge digital marketing and ecommerce solution builds. I was Head of Marketing for the ANZ teams of Scholastic International. There, I created and managed a five-year marketing strategy and execution plan across seven business, four of which were complex, with up to 10 distinct customer segments. A large part of my responsibility was strategically engineering the go-to-market plan, brand positioning & perceptions, customer experience, and path-to-purchase for aggressive profit growth goals, using data and insights gained through digital interactions and constant customer research. I managed and helped build four eCommerce environments, with a multi-channel digital strategy including over two million eDMs per year. 


Prior to that I worked for a marketing agency called G2 Global, which was the Brand Activation arm of Grey Advertising, both part of the WPP Group. While at G2 I worked as a Senior Strategy Planner with large global enterprise teams and brands, such as P&G, LG, BAT and others.


I also worked as a marketing & business strategy consultant under DaVinci Marketing, a global marketing consultancy, on a wide variety of clients and different industries. Additionally, in the US I was Director of Sales & Marketing for a large industrial supplier of building and landscaping materials, including a retail B2C storefront offering across three states. 


If proof-of-worth lies in recent results, a quick snap shot shows I led a team which took a mature and previously declining global business to 20% growth and still climbing, via brand new ecommerce platforms, a reengineered, leaner process and an innovative eDM and digital channel strategy; or my leadership in the repositioning of a loyalty rewards catalogue to become a highly competitive stand-alone revenue stream, by creating a new ecommerce site refocused on CX/UX and a new eDM program that sustained a 52% open rate over 3 years - resulting in revenue doubling over 5 years. Or my part in the collaborative effort of a performance leadership team that resulted in 70% growth of a B2B trade channel over 4 years, more than doubling Head Office expectations.

YEars of Experience

30 years


Syndey, Australia

Countries worked IN

USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Denmark


Retail, Digital, eCommerce, FMCG, Data Analytics, Security, Publishing, Education, Higher Education, Wholesale