Innovation Strategy & Market Research

Crystal McGregor


For businesses that don’t want to be left behind, I’m the innovation facilitator that brings teams together with creativity, energy and passion – solving complex problems with simple solutions.

I can help you with

developing innovation strategy, facilitating ideation to commercialisation, creating customer value journey, undertaking design thinking, scoping products, researching markets, mentoring intrapreneur teams, engaging employees in change, managing creative projects, communicating between creative and non-creative teams


My career somewhat resembles a bowl of spaghetti, spanning sport and recreation, community development, public relations, governance technology, environmental science communication, youth entrepreneurship, future of work and fashion-tech. 

With a love of innovation, I am constantly seeking creative answers to disrupt ‘how it’s always been done’ and as a 20+ year business owner, I appreciate that ‘it’s hard to see the painting when you’re in it’.

In my roles as a Consultant and Business Owner, I’ve had extensive experience across: business development, project management, technology solutions, stakeholder engagement, change management, leadership, education program design and communication resource development. 

I have successfully secured grants in excess of $3M and raised capital from both private and angel investors. I am also the co-inventor of an Australian Innovation Patent.

As the previous Founder of a youth entrepreneur program, I co-designed a program to support young people to create a business, based on their passions, including: focused ideation, design thinking, customer interviews, product scoping, branding, financials, risk management, business development and pitching.

I am passionate about helping people to become the best they can be. Human connection and open communication is held in high importance for all the projects I work on, especially in a virtual world. 

My top 5 Gallup - Clifton Strengths include:

  • Futuristic: inspired by and energises others with visions of the future

  • Relator: enjoys close relationships with others to achieve a goal

  • Maximiser: focuses on strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence

  • Intellection: introspective and appreciate intellectual discussion

  • Strategic: can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues

YEars of Experience

20 years


Sydney, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, Fiji, USA


Technology, Startups, Education, Fashion, Communications, Public Relations, Sport, Government



Consultation per Hr

AU$ 180/hr
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