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Daniel McKinnon

Daniel McKinnon


I provide tools, processes and advice to ensure your technology team is delivering at the highest standard. I implement innovation, appropriate to your industry, to keep you at the leading-edge.

I can help you with

design software solutions, improve business processes, assess project team, ensure quality deliverables, communicate with developers, educate industry stakeholders, introduce relevant innovation, implement agile methodologies


I have been building mobile technology for longer than anyone else in Australia.   I have worked in the technology industry for 23 years as a software developer, system architect and project leader.

I started my career in London as a software developer in the advertising and music industries.  I helped build which became the number one consumer website in Europe before being sold to Yahoo and forming the basis of Yahoo Music UK.

On return to Australia I worked as lead software developer at Suncorp before switching back into advertising as Technology Lead in Sydney at The White Agency.  I then moved to Reader’s Digest where I designed and led the development of their global CRM solution which was rolled out into 8 countries. 

In 2009 I founded Frontside Future (formerly Appfactory) and we are still building innovative, bespoke software products today.  

I now find great joy in bringing the processes and skills I have built over 20 years into other businesses to make sure their technology projects are a huge success.

I typically help in 4 areas:

  1.  Design the foundations of your product so it is built well, will scale over time, and will be easy to maintain

  2.  Assist you to find, assess and manage your software development team.  Whether they are remote or in-house.

  3.  Provide templates and processes to ensure high quality work is received, and that deadlines are met

  4.  Highlight the newest innovations and outline the opportunities they provide to your specific business

I ensure you give your software development team what they need to produce exceptional results. I also give you an honest assessment of their capability and expertise, and a process to improve it.

I can steer you through every step of the development phase, and clearly communicate the process to people with all levels of technical understanding.

I provide a structured framework to follow when working with software developers. It is practical rather than theoretical, ensuring a seamless path to a successful project.

Everything I do is focused on making it easy for businesses to build technology projects that will make people happier, healthier and more productive. 

YEars of Experience

23 years


Brisbane, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand


Advertising, Music, Events Management, Financial Services, Insurance, Software Engineering, Publishing