Design Leadership & Innovation

Erico Lisboa

Erico Lisboa


I can help you and your respective teams achieve unrivalled growth and best value and outcomes by collaboratively creating the right design culture and setting up the right processes for real-time insights to achieve your vision and purpose escaping mimetic isomorphism and creating your very own crafted Innovation framework and Design Operations.

I can help you with

define a clear vision and strategy, create capability, coach leadership, design business growth, design innovation models and frameworks, implement design culture, operationalise new ways of working, support service design and product management


Erico is a first-class industry expert designer with 20+ years of experience in Design Leadership, DesignOps, Service and Product Design on enterprise space that can support you build and sustain culture, product and service innovation by uplifting human design capability through hands-on practical learning experiences delivering real impact.

Particularly familiar with the mindset and skills necessary for executing and taking ownership of high-quality projects on Transformational initiatives, Erico works collaboratively with executive, business leads and SMEs, driving design mindset with outstanding passion. He led efforts in organisational design, capability uplift, product and service with required attention to detail, constant adaptability to new requirements and review of insights vs budgets, to use good judgment helping on prioritisation and getting the best outcomes for business and people.  

With proven track record Erico has been working strongly on implementing HCD and Design Operations with SAFE-AOM (Scalable Agile Framework) supporting and coaching Corporate Strategy , Sustainability, Continues improvement, Technology and Transformation, Orchestration, Commercial and Go-to-Market teams mainly on government, finance and resources entities.

YEars of Experience

23 years


Byron Bay, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa


Banking, Finance, Government, Resources, Travel, Gaming


Portuguese, English, Spanish, Indonesian