Resilience and Well-Being

Eva-Marie Granz

Eva-Marie Granz


Emotions are like waves - you can decide which ones to ride. I believe that everyone deserves to be equipped with tools and techniques that help you to deal with stress, anxiety and pressure. I support teams during change management, accompany organisations in restructuring processes and coach individuals through personal crises.

I can help you with

stress prevention, mindfulness@work, increasing resilience, communication techniques, relaxation exercises, mindfulness in leadership and management, enhancing the agile mindset, targeting acute stress situations


With my background in economics, I spent my first working years as a project management consultant, implementing software solutions, optimising internal processes and training people. I had the pleasure of working in various countries and in a wide mix of international teams. I was responsible for large software implementation projects, I am an expert in resource and capacity planning and I advise on portfolio and strategy development processes.

During my various project engagements, it became very clear to me that very often in our current work environment the focus is on keeping deadlines, meeting milestones and improving your ROI, regardless of the impact on teams and people. Sustainable projects and long-term profitable enterprises can only be achieved if people are treated with the same importance as EBITs, market-shares and turnaround-times. 

I coach, train and enable people to use mindfulness techniques which can easily be incorporated in our every work (and private) lives. My approach is based on a mixture of the concepts of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Nonviolent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Positive Psychology, always tailored to the individual or team requirements. 

Change is the only constant - is the motto I live and work by and I am very fortunate to be able to share this with my clients in such a variety of different project and consultancy engagements.

I am a passionate sportswoman and love counterbalancing all those office hours spent inside with yoga, running, kickboxing, surfing and snowboarding.

YEars of Experience

15 years


Freiburg, Germany

Countries worked IN

Ireland, South Africa, Germany


Construction, Engineering, Pharma, Energy, Public Sector, Insurance


English, German