Learning & Education

Kathleen Donohoe


I will support you to reimagine learning experiences, and the learning environments that support engagement, aligning innovative thinking and evidence, aligned to your context.

I can help you with

developing training programmes, curriculum development, assessment development, online learning, adapting face to face learning programs to online training, reimagining professional development, identify professional development opportunities, designing learning space, designing work space, undertaking post-occupancy evaluation


I am a leading authority on The Future of Learning, supported by physical, virtual and social learning environments.

Offering 20 years global experience in Learning and Education Management, across many educational and professional organisations, I have a sound education to Masters level in Interactive Teaching Technologies, and am an Honorary Research Fellow - ILETC, MGSE, University of Melbourne.

I have a learner centric focus and am driven by effective approaches to physical, virtual and social learning environments. My deep expertise and value spans the development and implementation of groundbreaking strategies, research, analytics across the disciplines of design, transition, use and evaluation of physical, virtual and social learning environments.

I have led innovative digital transformation and strategy projects and led dedicated teams focused on education. 

I am passionate about humanising learning to drive engagement, and my vision for the Future of Learning is to offer an abundance of current and emerging learning opportunities available to everyone - in their preferred environment across their lifespan.

As an internationally recognised Keynote Speaker and Panelist, I understand the power and responsibility the Learning and Education Management industries have, and her role in engaging and influencing The Future of Learning.

YEars of Experience

20 years


Sydney, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Lybia, Qatar


Education, Construction, Design, EdTech, Infrastructure



Consultation per Hr

AU$ 200/hr
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