Transformation & Business Improvement

Lars Janowski

Lars Janowski


I have helped 100s of clients to improve their operations and implement quick results. I will provide you with straight forward valuable advice that you can use to address your most pressing issues.

I can help you with

develop business turnaround strategies, performance improvement for SME, improvement of program management, delivering digital transformation, advice on business restructuring, helping businesses in distress, design business process improvements programs, design and setup online businesses


I am a management consultant with 26 years’ international business and management consulting experience. My experience is based on the walk and not just the talk. Rather than just designing strategies I have a hands-on delivery focus approach.

I have strong expertise in strategy development and business improvement programs with a strong focus on digital business transformation, organisational restructuring and performance improvement. My work has taken me through the ranks of some of the biggest consulting firms and I have worked with public and private sector customers.

I started my professional career at the age of 16 with an apprenticeship at German carmaker Mercedes-Benz in Bremen, Germany. I then studied business and economics in Germany and the UK and was hired out of University to help a German consulting firm to establish their operations in Los Angeles during the dot com boom (and crash). 

After the dot com bubble burst I returned to the UK as a Senior Manager for a large construction engineering firm. I changed jobs to join Ernst & Young's newly build Advisory Team in London to become one of the first 50 people helping to grow advisory to almost 60000 employees worldwide.  With EY I was able to work and live in a number of countries including the UK, Russia, Germany and Australia. 

After 10 years with EY I moved on to start my own business.

Throughout my career I have worked across almost all industries and sizes of organisations. 

YEars of Experience

26 years


Sydney, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, USA, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kuwait, UAE


Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Engineering, SME Business, Small Businesses, Family Businesses, Local Councils, Energy, Banking, Insurance, Startups


English, German