Marketing Automation & Growth

Martin Nørgaard Gregersen

Martin Nørgaard Gregersen


I have been developing cutting edge marketing automation tools and processes for over a decade and clients around the globe consider me an authority on growth marketing and marketing automation.

I can help you with

Audit Marketing Automation Architecture, Develop Marketing Automation Infrastructure, Application Development, Custom Software Development, Cloud Architecture, User Interface Design, Inbound Marketing


For many years I have worked as a freelance Graphic Designer, designing logos and print material for a creative clientele around the globe. 

Demand in the market for graphic design eventually dried up, so I switched to Web Design and Web Development. Over the next 10 years, I grew into a full-stack developer and worked with an eclectic mix of amazing clients from around the globe. 

I created cutting-edge websites, landing pages and interactive web apps always at the forefront of the latest technology stacks. I became an e-Resident in Estonia, the world’s first digital nation, and in 2016 founded a full-service digital agency, mr noe OÜ, which allowed me to be a digital nomad for a year and a half until settling down in Germany. 

I launched Global API OÜ a SaaS company in 2018. I am currently working on several projects to support digital transformations with marketing automation audits and systems support. 

I am the author of the prestigious  “DIGITAL STRATEGY” blog and share my knowledge about online marketing and marketing automation. 

I speak fluent Danish, German, English and some Greek.

YEars of Experience

17 years


Goerlitz, Germany

Countries worked IN

Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Greece, Nepal, Portugal


Technology, IOT, Fashion, Media, Facility Management, Not-for-profit, Renewables, Travel & Tourism


English, German, Danish