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Mike Lescai

Mike Lescai


I am a seasoned executive with experience in low margin/highly geared and high margin/low geared business environments. My key strengths are developing business strategies, business improvement, and planning exit strategies.

I can help you with

design procurement strategies, design productivity dashboards, design and develop risk profiles, develop cost models, develop pricing strategies, making sense of balance sheets, optimise supply chains, predict cash flow crunches, readying a business to exit, review contracts, develop business strategies


Mike has 30+ years’ experience as an Executive and Non-Executive Director serving and advising executive teams across a broad range of industries. He is judged by peers to be an excellent strategic thinker, with sound judgement. 

Starting as an accountant in the highly geared, low margin transport industry Mike became an expert at daily cash management skills. He became CEO, Director & minority shareholder of a national transport group, ARN Logistics, based in Melbourne. He looked into the business abyss in tough times and developed successful strategies to secure the business. Mike oversaw a 10-fold increase in sales including the establishment of new rail and international freight forwarding services. 

When the company was sold Mike and his family moved to Singapore to take up the role of Chief Operating Officer with Goodpack Limited, the largest Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) rental company in the world. In this high margin, high growth business he developed successful strategies for audacious global expansion. Mike led a market capitalisation increase for Goodpack from S$137m to S$752m, achieving (at or near) 30% NPAT returns for 20 consecutive quarters and extended the use of company’s product from 43 to 65 countries. Goodpack was sold to New York based KKR for US$1.1b in 2014 and is currently on the market for circa US$2b. 

On returning to Australia in 2006 Mike founded his consulting practice, Meerkat Group. Mike has been active in the community throughout his commercial life and is currently:

  • President, Council on the Ageing (Victoria) Incorporated

  • Member, FCJ Education Board and Finance Committee

  • Past President, The Network of Consulting Professionals Incorporated. 

Mike has an MBA (International Management) with RMIT University and was the winner of the Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO) Prize for top MBA Intake Student. He was awarded ‘General Manager of the Year’ by the Victorian Transport Association and is a Junior Chamber International Senator. 

Mike is married with 3 daughters. He is a keen sports follower and enjoys the AFL, Cricket and NFL. 

YEars of Experience

35 years


Melbourne, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, Singapore, USA


Logistics, Industrial Packaging, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Not-for-profit, Education