Behavioural Economics Strategist

Sonia Friedrich

Sonia Friedrich


Superpowers: SuperClear Thinking; Revenue Rockstar; Growth Hacker; Business Xray Vision; Trusted; Global Keynote Speaker.

I can help you with

Add Behavioural Science to your business, Understand human behaviour, Run business or Behavioural RCT’s, Increase prices with Behavioural Economics, Map the Friction Journey, Apply the EAST or MINDSPACE frameworks, Amaze employees with speaking events on Behavioural Science, Hack your business


Sonia Friedrich has been called a “Growth Hacker”.  She is a leading expert and keynote speaker. As a Consulting Strategist, since 2011 she has applied insights from Behavioural Economics to change the game of business. “With what I know today, I would not recommend ever again most of what for years I successfully applied in business.”

Sonia empowers people by showing how to apply behavioural economics interventions in business and in life. Her aim is that people measure the direct impact on the bottom line. The brilliance of BeSci is measured and proven outcomes. People want Sonia's brain...coupled with her ability to connect and communicate, her open presence, honesty, and trust.

Sonia has worked to help one Top 200 clients start solving a $99M challenge using Behavioural Economics. CEO’s and GM’s hire Sonia to Mentor them in B.E. and change their business model. Sonia has saved clients millions of dollars and made others millions of dollars. She has helped build individual brands up to $250M in Australia and New Zealand; has repositioned companies; restructured businesses and helped save small businesses from closing their doors. 

Sonia was the General Manager for GREY Healthcare Advertising, Sydney and had a career for more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry – working with MSD, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Allergan and more. She has worked both client and service side to build brands.

Sonia takes complex problems and effortlessly makes them simple. Sonia is renowned for her clarity and has created models that apply Nobel Prize winning knowledge + experimental research in behavioural economics, to shatter entrenched paradigms and transform business. She works with Statisticians, Data Analysts and applied Behavioural Scientists, to prove measured outcomes of B.E interventions

She has inspired start-ups and entrepreneurs and works with businesses of any size, from multi-national Fortune 500 companies (she has worked with many); to solo Directors; across all industries, including Government. She will work with anyone who wants the edge for themselves, their brand, their business, or their industry. 

Sonia quickly develops trust with her clients and audiences. She can hold a room as few can. As an inspirational speaker she is able to captivate audiences with her style and content. 

In 2020 Sonia was invited to speak at Nudgestock Global, Cowry Summer School (London), and the Australasian Women in Packaging Forum, among others. In 2021 she is on the faculty for KPMG High Growth Ventures Founders Program. She represents Australia as a founding member of the independent global collaborators ‘Diversifi BeSci’ – who collaborate on global projects.

Hacking her life was as much a part of hacking her career. Sonia has lived in Byron Bay, Australia for more than 14 years. Connection with the natural habitat, and photography, is how she remains grounded and renewed, and available to offer all of who she is. 

YEars of Experience

26 years


Byron Bay, Australia

Countries worked IN

Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, USA


Pharma, Advertising, SaaS, Retail, eCommerce, Local Councils