2020 The Year of Voice

Recognising in-home voice-activated devices are fast pushing 20 % penetration in Australia, and with 59 % of millennials claiming they use voice assistant throughout their week, the race is certainly on for brands and retailers to create a sonic brand, and deliver an audio experience connected to purchase, and be first to the platform in their respective category. A few simple tips if you are thinking about it: Start with the brand; and create an Audio signature with the right voice, syntax, accent, language, music and tone reflective of your visual appearance. Create a voice experience strategy that is aligned to the channel and designed for two-way conversation. Provide an experience that is interesting, informative and helpful, and ensures your audience keeps coming back, to learn more. Ensure your voice experience connects to your channel marketing initiatives and isn't stand alone. To illustrate thinking, here's one for a Liquor brand, and let's talk High-tech. Imagine hosting a voice activated wine tasting masterclass at home, using Google Assistant ? Here's how it could play out. Host: Hi Google. I've just bought a bottle of Devils Lair Chardonnay. Google: Great Peter, a lovely choice. Oliver Cradford has added his Midas touch to this years release, and it's never tasted better. How many have you for dinner? Host: 3 Google: Great, go ahead and pour 3 glasses. What would you like to know about this wine? Host: Tell us about the tasting notes! Google: OK Peter. There's plenty of stone fruit, and a lovely broad texture. A subtle knit oak and a touch dry to finish. Host: It's great, tell us about the origins of the vineyard.... Google: (the conversation continues) Google: If you would like to try our Pinot Noir, I can order you some. Host: Sure, please order me 6 bottles. The experience continues... ......The Wine is delivered to the door.