In layman’s terms, outbound marketing is a marketing technique in which a marketer reaches out to people to see if they’re interested in their products or services. Here, marketers pitch their offerings without knowing whether the prospect they consider is actually a qualified lead or not. For example, outbound marketing includes door-to-door sales, cold calling, display advertising, broadcast, and print advertising, cold sales emails, and a lot more. To generate faster leads, offer personalized content and send targeted emails to the right audience, you need an outbound marketing automation. If you are willing to automate your outbound marketing process but have no idea where to start, you are at the right place.

Before we move forward with outbound marketing automation, let’s walk through and understand more about outbound marketing and how automation can harness the power of it.


Outbound marketing reaches out to audiences/customers through traditional methods of marketing. Outbound marketing, as the name suggests, is the perfect opposite of Inbound marketing. The ROI is very low under outbound marketing, but still, there are a bunch of companies that are using outbound marketing. The ultimate goal of Outbound marketing is to generate leads and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the perfect tool that will help you out.

Remember, inbound marketing has a lot more to do with trust in your brand so lead generation becomes easy in the later stages of your funnel. Whereas, in the outbound marketing, the real game is to open up the conversation. You simply have to hunt for the prospects for lead generation.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium feature of the LinkedIn platform. Sales Navigator is a very powerful social selling platform by LinkedIn that offers a wide range of features to generate leads and build relationships with the right audiences. With some incredible features of this tool such as search and filter, preferences and a lot more, you can easily define and create the target market for your outbound marketing efforts.

LinkedIn contains more than 630 Million+ users worldwide and this incredible sales research platform offers an opportunity to build a better B2B relationship and lead generation. Through powerful search capabilities, personalized algorithms, and improved visibility into extended networks, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes the whole process of lead generation impressively simple. It also provides insights and other pragmatic information that will help you in understanding your audience effectively. You just need to give proper attention while filling sales preferences to define a target audience that aligns with your service/offering.

So, with all this incredible information and details, outbound marketers and sales professionals can easily connect with the audience in a more personal way. The list of your target audience, generated through this tool will be the foundation for your outbound marketing automation workflow.

Sprinklr (a complete social media and customer experience management platform for the enterprise) is the perfect example of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In 2015, the company wanted to grow and it was difficult to identify the key customers. They were also looking for the best medium to connect with the stakeholders in a more meaningful way. Here is when LinkedIn Sales Navigator helped them in achieving 63% of closed-won revenue, 1.2x higher win rates, and 10.4 % larger deals.



What happens once you get connected with relevant prospects through LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Usually, the marketer sends a series of emails to the connections and tries to convert that prospect into lead. This is the next step of outbound marketing, which you can easily automate with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp can efficiently help businesses to reach out with the right audiences at the right time. With the help of this amazing email marketing tool, the whole repetitive marketing tasks can be automated. You can easily send an email or series of emails to your potential customers or audiences with just a click.

Mailchimp requires information to automate the process – information here means the contact data of your audience (the list of the email address). These contact details are usually the same that you have exported from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You need to feed some information to this email marketing tool , such as:,

  • The message you want to send (Details about your product and service )

  • Segments of the overall contact you want to target,

  • Select a trigger to send the message.

When set up, you will send your valuable content through email to all your customers and audience automatically. You can even set up a long sequence of follow up emails and plan the user onboarding over several months until your leads convert.

Spamming does not work! Email automation is only effective and strong in building a connection with your potential customers only if you identify them properly and can offer them something they truly want. You need to understand the demographics, type of customer, engagement, as well as approaching them at the right moment. According to a study performed by the Direct Marketing Association, triggered emails or email automation provides a 75% higher open rate and a 115% higher click-through rate than standard marketing emails.

A sequence of automated emails can be set up through Mailchimp based on the triggers set. It will also provide you a holistic view of your user’s onboarding journey. Through this efficient tool, you can easily watch the engagements on your emails and other important insights and send emails based on the individual users position on the journey.


A landing page is a “Destination page” where a person lands after clicking through an email, ads, or from any other digital location. Various marketers utilize post-click landing page strategies to get better conversions. Whether you’re running a small business or a big organization, landing pages will help you in generating effective leads.

Through Mailchimp’s extraordinary landing page builder, you can easily create outstanding landing pages for your marketing campaign with these three simple steps.

  • Choose template

  • Design your landing page according to your requirement with the Mailchimp landing page builder.

  • Configure your landing page.

It is very much similar to Mailchimp’s email designer. You have control over the layout and content of the landing page. Just choose layout and content, and you are set to launch your outbound marketing campaign.


Automation of two efficient tools can bring sales and marketing closer. It requires no coding knowledge to connect LinkedIn and Mailchimp to automate your outbound marketing. When you have exported huge amounts of connections from sales Navigator, why not communicate with them via Mailchimp? One of the most problematic situations for businesses is a lack of information sharing. Important data gets trapped in silos (stand-alone applications or spreadsheets) and does not flow easily between departments or between systems. The same can happen with exported bunch of relevant email IDs too. However, the integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Mailchimp enables you to send better targeted email campaigns to your leads and contacts using MailChimp’s pre-designed and customizable templates, and much more. With Mailchimp, you can maintain consistent lists across your sales and marketing funnels. Also, you can share your Mailchimp newsletter on your LinkedIn page. This can attract more viewers and potentially gain you more subscribers as well. Similarly, you can create segments of your buyer personas from exported contacts and shoot targeted emails from Mailchimp.

In all senses, this integration will not only automate your outbound marketing but also provides you with better visibility and faster response time. It is indeed more effective and result oriented compared with any other email marketing strategies.


Automation of outbound marketing through Linkedin Sales Navigator and Mailchimp provides a tailored user onboarding journey for your target audience, which will surely increase your lead generation if set up correctly and prove a massively valuable addition to your marketing efforts.

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