I've been running Ultra Marathons for years, I do it to feel alive, be a better husband, father, friend and colleague. It's my thing. I wanted to share with you some parallels between business and lining up for a 50k, 100k or the sacred miler ( I'm yet to do this ).

Set a goal and enter a race.

Establish an audacious, and possibly even crazy goal – one that’s well worth pursuing. After that, get serious about starting the path to the finish line. Split the path to manageable pieces by devising a training program, that works for you and your life. Be sure to include bite-sized chunks with little times to “check in” on yourself, to see how you are feeling. Celebrate the little milestones, like your first 50k week. Get smart. My best races have always been when I know the conditions that I'm likely to face; the elevation, the terrain, the map. Do your homework and recon to better understand these variables, so when you face them, you aren’t frightened and you can push through.

Gather a team, your team.

You can't do it on your own. I’ve tried and failed miserably, with my head in my hands at the 80k mark with "only" 20k to go. You need people who have completed or even failed before. You need people who'll cheer you on, have a quiet word to you when you’re at that 80k mark and cannot go any further unless your feet are taped up with Gaffa Tape for the blisters. Just keep going, move forward at your pace.

So, as a business owner, it is Important to build a company with like-minded people willing to join you on your journey. I have always tried to surround myself with all the best people I will find, those who have the attitude and personality to help, encourage and be there in the hard times.

Pace yourself.

Remember big stuff takes some time, and at times, your task is simply to remain on your feet. And remember that crossing the finish line--whatever it may represent in your life --is not the only thing worth celebrating. Keep yourself motivated by celebrating the small achievements along the way.

Be easy on yourself.

You are going to have to try to remain objective and positive and keep improving. Pain and discomfort will always occur, it’s all part of the journey; whether that’s to the finish line, or the boardroom. Know that this is only temporary. Rest. Stop. Walk, then return to running when you can.

Pass it on.

Find yourself in your steps, listen to others and learn. Be humble, about your achievements. Teach others, pass it on.

If you would like to learn more about running an ultra, or if you would like a plan for all levels of ability please contact me via my profile on the helperstreet site.