What are the Individual & Organisational Benefits of Outplacement?

Outplacement, also known as career transition or retrenchment support, helps an organisation plan its staffing levels and continue to operate efficiently and effectively, to the benefit of all stakeholders involved. When managed correctly, outplacement helps laid-off employees identify opportunities for new beginnings in roles more closely aligned to their personal, financial and career objectives.

For the individual:

  • The retrenched employee receives professional assistance at a time when they may be ill-equipped or unprepared for a change in their career.

  • Outplacement programmes help reinforce their strengths and motivations whilst maintaining a positive and proactive outlook, at a typically vulnerable time.

  • We encourage them to take stock of their qualifications and skills and practice marketing themselves, which are skills that can be applied for life.

  • The skills and support obtained through our programmes lead to a more efficient and effective job search campaign.

  • There is an improved success rate in identifying and being shortlisted for target roles.

  • Support during the interview, job offer and negotiation process helps them succeed in being considered for roles in line with their career objectives.

For the organisation:

  • A well-managed outplacement programme preserves focus, promotes trust and sends an important message to all stakeholders about their level of corporate social responsibility.

  • Management is able to concentrate on the business, instead of being involved in what can become a drawn-out retrenchment process.

  • Knowing that they are providing support to those affected helps relieve management of the emotional stress associated with retrenchment.

  • The treatment of departing colleagues is carefully monitored by those remaining and can contribute to the retention of key employees.

  • The risk of legal ramifications is minimised, through the right treatment of terminated employees.

  • From an employer branding perspective, a supportive approach to retrenchment is good for the future reputation of the company and its employer value proposition, which is beneficial in the attraction of new talent.

  • Support for outgoing employees helps maintain good relationships with those who may become important industry contacts, competitors, or even potential alliance partners in the future.

  • Outplacement programmes are recognised as best practices in organisations that believe in sustainable HR management.

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