A set of powerful and easy to use templates that helps you arrive at a single-minded idea by leveraging the core components of your brand.


The Consumer Needs States Tool 
This tool helps you plot your brand against competitor brands depending on the need(s) it supports. This is a basic positioning tool that will also help you think more about what your consumer needs from you, and how you can differentiate your offer from competitors.


The Brand Mapping Tool 
This tool helps you draw up an architectural map for your brand; Identifying the relationship between the sub-brand and the master brand.
Sub-brands help products behave differently and talk to a different audience, while still sitting under the master brand. If the product has no relationship to the master brand, it should become a new brand altogether. This too will help you organise your brand’s architecture and ovoid overlap.

The Brand Vision Tool
This is called a brand vision architecture or BVA, a tool used by most global brands. Referred to as the Brand House this places the Brand Vision, and The Brand Ambition on both ends of the house, and helps you identify the strategic pillars to achieve your objectives.


The Brand Archetype Tool
We use Jung’s theory that all personalities can be traced back to one of twelve archetypes, and by choosing an archetype, you are more likely to keep all your brand activity consistent. You can also choose two archetypes (if necessary) in order to add depth and individuality to your brand’s personality.

Brand Imagery Tool
This tool guides you through selecting a powerful group of images to illustrate through pictures, the look, feel and tone of your brand. 


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  • Brand Managers, Product Managers, CMO’s, Creative Agencies