The Channel POSM Tool, a complete digitally reproduced set of renders of every retail channel common to all marketplaces anywhere in the world. 


Channels included are; Grocery, Petrol & Convenience, Independent Convenience, Independent Food, Cinema, Mass Merchant, Off Premise, On Premise, QSR, Restaurant and Café.


Each render identifies the core shopping zones within each retail outlet.

  • Proximity – all the zones outside the retailer’s store.
  • Transition – the zone as you walk into a store
  • Impulse – the zone that drives and triggers impulse shopping
  • Destination – the shelf where the destination products lines.


From years of working with each retailer type, we have outlined the touchpoint opportunities that are available in each outlet, by zone, along with the role of communication and how each works together to drive purchase.

Channel Point of Sale Planning Tool

  • Brand Managers, Product Managers, CMO’s, Creative Agencies