A beautifully created and powerful complete set of editable templates that help you clearly outline your consumer persona’s.


  • Template 1 – Basic Persona

This template captures a simple overview of your personas; Demographic Data, Key Brands, Attributes, User Needs, Cultural Tension, Influencer Relationships, Mood-board, Devices and Platforms, Social Sites.


  • Template 2 – Persona Story

This template helps you write a story around your persona based on needs and ambitions.


  • Template 3

This template digs deeper into the story around your persona; habits, profession and personal viewpoints, attitudes towards the category and brand, purchasing power, influencer relationships.


  • Template 4

This template pushes further into devices and digital experiences; the devices used, the social sites visited and desired live experiences.

Consumer Persona Templates

  • Brand Managers, Product Managers, CMO’s, Creative Agencies