This is a practice proven Project Brief template including guidance for each section. 


The purpose of the Project Brief is to assess the proposed project as being viable and achievable by building on the Project Charter.


The Project Brief, therefore, provides more information on the desired outputs of the project, required benefits, risks, delivery strategies, costs and timescales, and should enable a decision to be made as to whether to progress with the project. Once the project receives a commitment to proceed, the Project Brief also acts as a base document against which the Project Executive and Project Manager can assess progress, change management issues and ongoing viability questions.


1.    Purpose of document
2.    Executive summary
3.    Purpose of the project
4.    Project outputs, scope and delivery
5.    Benefits
6.    Success criteria  
7.    Issues and risks
8.    Optional sections


Project Brief Template

  • PMO, PMO Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Change Control Functions, Process Managers, Product Managers