Created over 8 years of working in retail strategy, this visually appealing and comprehensive set of tools and templates helps you align your organisation, identify a consumer insight, map customer journeys, create an engagement idea, and thread that idea through the customer journey to drive purchase. 


Template One – Setting the Vision.
The crucial step in the process; here you align on the business ambition and set the north star. The vision setting analyses the ambition for the category, consumer, channel, competition, and the company


Template Two – Understanding the Target.
These templates guide you through the process of developing your customer personas with a macro and micro view of the world. 


Template Three – Building the Shopper’s Journey
These templates, we take the personas through the journey and map actionable insights - “Moments of Truth” where brands can engage with the user through an omni-channel view of the world. For this journey task, we will show the common MOT’s and then showcase specific audience insights through the “persona-on-the-go” where we show barriers and drivers  - behaviors, insights, etc. for each persona group. 
For each phase along the journey, we’ll be able to discover the user theme - a territory description that is strategically relevant to focus experiences against - mapped to macro drivers, barriers and desired behavior from the target


Template Four – The Engagement Idea 
In this template we build the engagement idea mapped from an insight into the retailer, the consumer, the shopper and the brand.


Template Five – The Connections Plan
This powerful and comprehensive template places the engagement idea on the shopper’s journey and helps you identify the points of communication along the journey.

Also included in this pack, is a comprehensive icon bank.

Shopper Marketing Strategy Tool

  • Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Agencies, Retail Executives, Sales Managers, Digital Executives, CX Strategists